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CFV Overdress Starter Deck Bundle


Contains one of each of the five Cardfight Vanguard Overdress Start Decks

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Kingdom Gaming aim to provide our customers with the best gaming at the best price, due to our business model we must advise that shipping can take a maximum of 10 working days to arrive. If there is any reason for further delay we will make contact with you.

Please note : If you order a product along with any pre-order or back order product, we cannot split the order. Your complete order will be shipped when we receive the pre-order or back order product.

Pokemon Shining Fates is an extremely sought after box, we will never change your order price upon completion, however due to allocations there is an outside chance that some later orders may not be fulfilled, the earlier an order is completed, the better chance you have of receiving your product.

We have been conscientious in our decision surround Pokemon releases and we want to be very transparent with our customers, we have released just 20% of our total order from across three different distributors, we hope that this means we will receive a far larger percentage of our overall order, but again we would like to stress there is a slim chance an order may not be fulfilled, in which time you will receive a full return.

We appreciate all of your support and custom.

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