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No matter who you are or what game you play, you are always welcome at Kingdom Gaming.

2022/01/28 : Flesh and Blood Farewell To Rathe


The day before we bring you the Kingdom Gaming Invitational, we’re extremely happy to announce our Farewell to Rathe event!

28th January 2022 – 6.30pm sign up
£25 entry fee.

This event will be made of 2 x Welcome To Rathe drafts, each player will receive 3 packs for each draft and you will draft within your pod.

The prizes are from the Farewell to Rathe event kit, the 16 cold foils will be distributed with the first place player getting first pick, second place the second pick and down.

Kingdom Gaming is in the Nene Enterprise Centre, Freehold Street, Northampton, NN26EF – We have ample free parking on site.

Event tickets are non refundable, non transferable.

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