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18/09 : FLESH AND BLOOD – Tales of Aria Pre-Release


Kingdom Gaming are proud to present one of the UK’s largest pre-release event for the next FLESH AND BLOOD release TALES OF ARIA!

Saturday 18th September 11.00am UK time (11.00-11.30 sign up)

The event is £30 to enter, this will provide you 6 Flesh and Blood Tales of Aria First Edition Booster Packs and prizes from FOUR Tales of Aria Pre-Release kits! – Points from this event go towards the Kingdom Gaming Invitational.

Top 8 cut will then draft a new pool of Tales of Aria First Edition, each receiving 3 packs to draft from.

The prizes are FOUR full Tales of Aria pre-release kits, the winner will receive entry to the Kingdom Gaming Invitational and lastly, a box of Tales of Aria First Edition will be randomly given out. Not to mention 6XP per game win!

We still request our patrons wear masks where possible and regularly sanitise their hands – free masks & gloves instore.

it will be a GEM Registered event. Purchase of an event ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

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